Forklifts are a staple in warehouses and job sites across Canada. These powerful (and often lightweight) machines carry heavy loads with ease: making hard tasks easier, and boosting productivity. But as our friendly neighborhood Spiderman once said “with great power comes great responsibility”…

Forklift safety isn’t just a mandatory checklist; it’s the key to keeping yourself and others safe. So, fasten your seatbelt (literally and metaphorically) as we delve into the top 10 forklift safety tips that’ll make your workplace a safer haven.

1) Get Schooled on Forklift Safety:

First things first, know your forklift! Proper training is like the force field protecting you from accidents. Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned operator, brushing up on forklift safety practices is essential. (Check out our Counterbalanced Forklift Training certificate here)

2) Inspect Before You Drive:

Your forklift isn’t immune to wear and tear. So, channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and investigate your forklift before hopping on. Check brakes, steering, tires – everything! If something seems fishy, report it faster than you’d report a surprise birthday cake in the breakroom.

3) Steady as She Goes:

Slow and steady wins the safety race. Speeding on a forklift isn’t cool; it’s a recipe for disaster. Respect speed limits and don’t push it: take those turns like a Sunday stroll in the park. Your cargo might not be fragile, but your safety definitely is.

4) Weight Watchers for Forklifts:

Overloading your carrying weight it is like trying to fit a hippo into a Mini Cooper – it *could* work: but it likely won’t end well. Know your forklift’s limits, and don’t push them.

5) Visibility is Key:

All of us have blindspots: but when you’re carrying a huge weight and can’t quite see all around you it can lead to disasters. Use those mirrors, honk that horn, and have a lookout buddy if needed. It’s not paranoia; it’s preventing “whoa: where did THAT come from?” moments.

6) Parking is Not an Art Installation:

Don’t leave your forklift hanging around like an abandoned shopping cart. Park it in a designated spot that everyone can count on so you can always look forward to a well humming workplace.

7) Mind Your Peeps and Qs:

Pedestrians are not bowling pins, and your forklift is not a ball. Keep an eye out for your co-workers and customers too. Signal your intentions and make your presence known. No sneak attacks!

8) The Forbidden Phone Call:

Just like you wouldn’t juggle flaming torches while skydiving, don’t use your phone while operating a forklift. Save the texting for coffee breaks. Your undivided attention can prevent disasters.

9) Weather Advisory:

Forklifts aren’t weather experts, but you should be. Rain, snow, or sunshine – adapt your driving accordingly. Slippery floors and reduced visibility demand extra caution. It’s not a Mario Kart track; it’s your workplace.

10) Reporting Is Caring:

Last but not least, if you witness or foresee any forklift safety hazards, speak up! Your silence won’t fix the problem, but your voice might save a mishap. You’re not a snitch; you’re a safety advocate.

So, what did we learn? Forklift safety isn’t rocket science, it’s more like a RECIPE… Mix in proper training, sprinkle some caution, add a dash of common sense, and voilà – a safer workplace! Avoid these tips and you’ve still got a recipe… for disaster.

Remember, Valley WorkSafe is here for your safety needs. Check out our online courses on forklift safety and other workplace-safety essentials at If you’re in the Renfrew County area, we’re all geared up for in-person training sessions too!

So, stay safe out there, fellow trade warriors! Keep calm and forklift on, but always with safety in mind.

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