When and where can I take these courses?

    • Most internet-capable devices with standard web browsing capabilities, such as Apple’s iTouch, iPad, and iPhone, and most other smartphones and tablets with Android and Windows operating systems, can replay this course since it was developed utilizing standards that allow for this.

When do I receive my certificate?

    • You can download and print your certificate of accomplishment after finishing this online course successfully.

Do I have to create and account to purchase a training course?

    • Yes, to purchase a course you must create an account.
    • How to Purchase Online Training Courses for Your Team
    • Creating an account is quick and easy. If you have any questions, please reach out to our live support team via email at help@bistrainer.com or phone at 1-866-410-1660

What is my login information?

    • Your login information consists of a username and password. Ausername is generated by the software whenan account is created. Your password is set up when you create your account.
    • Ifyoudo not remember your username,enter the email used to create the account.If that email is not working, it is possible a different email was used.  
    • At any time, you can click “Forgot Password” andyouwill receive an email with instructions onhow to create a new password.Ifthis is not received,checkyour junk and spam email foldersjust in case it was sent there.
    • When in doubt, feel free to give our support team a call 1-866-416-1660 or an email. They would be happy to help!

Where can I find the receipt for my course?

    • To access your receipt, log into your account, go to your Purchases tab, and you will see “Receipt” on theright side of eachpurchase.
    • You are always welcome to reach out to our support team at 1-866-416-1660 or help@bistrainer.com

Other questions?

For all other questions and inquiries please contact david@valleyworksafe.ca