Valley WorkSafe focuses on supporting the workforce of Renfrew County by providing access to health and safety workplace training and emergency management.

Valley WorkSafe Online Training Courses and Safety Certification


Valley WorkSafe provides in-person instruction and certification for businesses and municipalities in the Renfrew County and Ottawa Valley areas. These courses focus on core safety-training and emergency preparation. You can find us on the Ministry of Labour’s list of Approved Providers for the “Working at Heights-Construction” course.



Advance your career or employee’s skillsets by using our online courses and certifications. Each course provides job and hazard-specific trainings at a “go at your own pace” rate –ranging from 1-20 hours of video and written course material in most cases. Valid certifications are granted at the end of each course barring a passing mark. Explore our full online training portal to discover what trainings and advancements are best suited for you, your career path and workforce management.


Regular trainings and re-certifications have been proven to empower employees and help businesses reduce longterm costs relating to workplace injuries (WSIB). Contact us for specific training requests.



David Prange (owner and Lead Instructor at Valley WorkSafe) has an extensive background in teaching large and small groups and has provided training to municipalities and a wide variety of businesses throughout Eastern Ontario. Since 1991, David has been leading young and adult students through the learning process and integrating life-long skills that prepare them for the workforce of tomorrow.

For more information about our services, training and speaking opportunties please contact us directly at david@valleyworksafe.ca.