Traffic Control Persons for Construction (Flagger)

$59.95 | 1 hour 
Traffic Control Persons for Construction

Course Overview

This course teaches traffic controllers in a road construction setting the proper procedures, equipment, and legal requirements. It will make it easier to understand traffic management and general safety and regulatory needs in various construction situations. The Ontario Traffic Manual (Book 7) Temporary Conditions and OSHA Safety Standards were considered while developing this course (USA).


The I-CAB acknowledges this content provider for its subject matter expertise and is designated as a competency development resource for I-CAB assessment candidates.

Course Topics

The course will briefly cover the following topics during the study:

  • Understanding the importance of Safety Equipment.
  • Supervisory and employee responsibilities.
  • Preparation for Employment.
  • Placement of Traffic Control Systems.
  • The Authority of Traffic Control Personnel.
  • Hand Gestures.

Course Preview

Online Course Duration

The course can be completed within a one-hour time duration.

Passing Criteria

Throughout the course, students are tested on their acquired knowledge. Each participant must answer questions meant to reinforce the supplied material. A grade of 80% is required to get a completion certificate. If the course pass mark is not attained on the first try, each participant may retake the course twice.

Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion will be available for students who complete the course correctly via the learning management system.

Universally Compatible

Most internet-capable devices with standard web browsing capabilities, such as Apple’s iTouch, iPad, and iPhone, and most other smartphones and tablets with Android and Windows operating systems, can replay this course since it was developed utilizing standards that allow for this.


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