Mandatory Workplace Trainings (Ontario) 

$115.00 for all (4) Trainings | 4.5hrs total

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Agriculture Workplace Trainings

Bundle Overview

Are you an Agricultural business who regularly hires, or trains new staff members?

Help keep them safe on the farm, in the fields and cut down on the time spent training them by purchasing this helpful online Agricultural Workplace Training Bundle geared particularly towards new and seasonal workers. 

Bundle includes:

All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Awareness Course

All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Awareness Course

Farm Safety Orientation

Tractor & Farm Machinery Safety Awareness Course

CASA Tractor & Farm Machinery

CASA Farm Safety Orientation

Seasonal Agricultural Workers Health and Safety Orientation

Seasonal Workers Safety Orientation

Total Training Duration

The combined courses in this bundle can be completed within 4.5hrs. Additional, on-site training is recommended to help new employees orient themselves around specific machinery, hazards and workplace practices.

Passing Criteria

Each training has it’s own passing criteria, ensuring that employees and students have effectively retained the training information.

Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion will be made available to you for printing and downloading after you (or each participating party) has taken the mandatory trainings, via our online training portal (BizTrainer).


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