Propane Handling and Exchange

$59.95 | 90mins 
Propane Handling and Exchange

Course Overview

A wide range of uses for Propane. It is used in various industries, from building to sector and everything in between. This course will educate you on the essentials surrounding the precarious handling of liquid and vapour withdrawal cylinders, the safe use, storage, and exchange of cylinders, and how to properly check cylinders and manage emergency circumstances.

Students will learn about the many parts of a propane tank and the science behind how Propane works, and how to be safe around it. Emergency response and first aid will also be covered in depth throughout your training.

Upon completion, you will get a certificate of completion following the Canadian Standards Authority (CSA) Regulation B149.2-10 Propane Storage and Handling Code and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 1910.110 Storage and Handling of Liquid Petroleum Gases Code.


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Course Topics

These topics covered in this online course include:

  • Understanding the legal issues
  • The complete know-how of Propane
  • Materials are used in Vapour Extraction 
  • Hardware used for liquid Extraction.
  • Using Equipment for personal protection
  • Cylinder Examination and Checkups
  • Transporting Cylinders
  • Cylinder Storing and Storing
  • Emergencies and the Administration of First Aid

Course Preview

Online Course Duration

It approximately takes 90 minutes to complete this course.

Passing Criteria

Throughout the course, students are tested on their knowledge. Each participant is required to complete a set of test questions that are meant to reinforce the lessons they have just learned. For a certificate of completion, a mark of at least 80% is required. If the pass mark is not reached on the first try, each participant may repeat the course TWICE.

Certificate of Completion

When you successfully complete this online course, you will be able to download and print a certificate of completion. The certificate is valid for three years.

Universally Compatible

Most internet-capable devices with standard web browsing capabilities, such as Apple’s iTouch, iPad, and iPhone, and most other smartphones and tablets with Android and Windows operating systems, can replay this course since it was developed utilizing standards that allow for this.


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