Pre-inspection is always recommended before taking your vehicle out on a long tour. In Canada, truck drivers have a protocol to follow that includes a pre-trip truck inspection that gives them insight into the functioning of their truck and which component needs immediate attention.

Benefits of daily pre-trip truck inspection:

Complete Safety: Safety is the major concern for every truck driver. However, it’s not only the truck driver’s safety that matters; Instead, everyone on the road deserves complete safety from mishaps.

With a pre-trip truck inspection, you can eliminate unexpected yet dangerous conditions like an unsecured load, broken brake pads, loose steering, etc. It might be a minor issue for you, but it can end someone’s (or even your) life.

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Top Level Truck Maintenance: As a professional truck driver in Canada, you already know the importance of the functional components of your truck. A fully functional truck with good quality engine components will always have a longer life without demanding frequent repairs.

Timely inspection and minor repairs can save you from a major overhaul. Moreover, it will also enhance your truck’s life. Timely inspection also assures you for problem-free long rides.

Another reason is maintenance en route to your destination can be expensive and time-consuming. It will directly impact your deliveries. That’s why it’s better to pre-check your truck before starting your trip.

Compliance with Transportation Regulations: During your long journey, you can be audited to ensure that DOT pre-trip checks are being done correctly. In cases of non-compliance, you will be penalized; this will affect you financially and delay the delivery.

Above all, avoiding pre-trip checks will add recorded incidents of non-compliance and adversely impact your CSA (Compliance, Safety, and Accountability) score.

NOTE: CSA score matters when applying for a new truck driver job.

Life Liability: When you are driving, you are liable for the life of yourself, passengers, and other on-route travelers. In case of any accident due to negligence or skipping pre-trip checks, you are fully liable for the lives lost or affected.

Not many of you know that every year, more than 4000 fatal accidents happen in this country involving truck drivers. Hence, this fact increases your liability to ensure the safety of yourself and everyone traveling with you.

That said, you have understood why a pre-trip check is essential. Interestingly, the pre-trip checks don’t take a long time. Instead, you can complete the thorough inspection in under 15 minutes in most cases. 

However, it doesn’t mean you inspect your truck in a rush. Take time and ensure everything is up to the mark without replacement or repairs.

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Daily Pre-Trip Inspection