Asbestos Awareness (CAN)

$29.99 | 1 hour
Asbestos Awareness (CAN) Training

Course Overview

Asbestos awareness training is offered in an online course. Canada-Compliant Training was met, and I-CAB certification was received. This course fulfils Canada’s classroom safety training standards.

Throughout the course, you will be tested on your knowledge of the material by taking quizzes. As soon as you complete the course, you will be given access to the certificate and a checklist that may be used in the workplace to monitor your application of classroom knowledge.

Course Topics

The following subjects are covered in this online course:

  • Implementations of EPA 
  • Know-how about Personal Protection Equipment
  • Medical Examiners’ Reports
  • Disinfection and Safekeeping
  • Comprehensive knowledge about deadly dust, related diseases and effects of exposure.

Course Preview

Online Course Duration

The course can be completed within approximately 1 hour.

Passing Criteria

Online testing will be used for the evaluation. The course aims to re-enforce what has been learned. For a certificate of completion, a mark of at least 80% is required. If the pass mark is not attained on the first try, participants can also take the course a second or even third time. This course’s supplementary resources can be available online.

Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion will be made available for download and printing after successfully completing this online course. 

Universally Compatible

Most internet-capable devices with standard web browsing capabilities, such as Apple’s iTouch, iPad, and iPhone, and most other smartphones and tablets with Android and Windows operating systems, can replay this course since it was developed utilizing standards that allow for this.


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